Extract for December 2016

A meeting of Beetley Parish Council was held on Thursday 1 December 2016 at Beetley Village Hall. There were present seven Parish Councillors one of whom, Councillor R Richmond, is also the District Councillor for Beetley Parish and 1 member of the public.

Planning. Applications. The Parish Council objected to the new dwelling and garage at Woodland Farm Holt Road Hoe which although not in the parish this was sent to the Parish Council as it is close to the boundary of the parish. The members felt that the access onto Holt Road would be a safety issue for vehicles travelling along Holt Road towards Dereham at this point. It would also set a precedent for additional development within Hoe Parish outside of the settlement boundary.

The members also objected to the erection of an agricultural workers dwelling at Beetley Nurseries Elmham Road. The members objected as clarification is required on the new access that is proposed as the applicant stated that no new access would be constructed. The ownership of the current access is in dispute and until such time as this is clarified the application should be refused. The Parish Council also felt that there is no necessity for a new dwelling for a horticultural business. Decisions. Breckland Council had refused permission for the replacement cottage and single additional cottage and garaging at 1 The Drift East Bilney.

Bus Service in East Bilney. Unfortunately the meeting that had been planned for 30 November had been cancelled by Norfolk County Council on the morning of the meeting. The Clerk is awaiting new proposals from Norfolk County Council on a possible minibus service similar to that which now serves Old Beetley on a Tuesday.

District Councillor Report. The District Councillor reported that as several District Councils had voted against the proposals on devolution this has now been shelved but it is still hoped that a new proposal will be received from the Government. A new Cabinet Member had been appointed, Councillor Gordon Bambridge, as Member for Growth to replace Councillor Charles Carter who had resigned because of work commitments.

Beetley Meadows.
A complaint had been received regarding barbed wire close to the permissive path through Fanthorpe’s Wood. This had been reported to the Charity which owns the wood and the problem had been resolved.
The replacement dog bin had been installed and permission had been granted for Serco to drive across the Meadows with a 4×4 vehicle to empty the bins. This permission had been granted the previous year as well and no lasting damage had been caused to the paths. Photographs of the picnic benches which have twisted had been sent to the manufacturer and the Clerk will contact the contractor again to try and resolve the matter.

Crossing Patrol on Fakenham Road. Norfolk County Council has consulted on the removal of several crossing patrols in the County. The Parish Council had contacted the school regarding this but unfortunately the school does not meet the criteria for a patrol so it will not be objecting to the removal of the patrol. It will however be pursuing the installation of new signage for a 20 mph limit on Fakenham road at drop off and collect times.

Precept. The members agreed to raise the precept this year as it is concerned that more responsibility will fall on the Council to fund items that have always been undertaken by other authorities. The members were also concerned that possible legislation will be brought in in the next year to restrict the amount of increase that a Parish Council may implement. This would mean that there would be insufficient funds to maintain, for example, footpaths as the number of cuts that are undertaken by the County Council may well be reduced.

Meetings. The next meeting of Beetley Parish Council will be held on Thursday 2 February at the Village Hall, Beetley at 7.30 p.m. Planning applications are available for viewing from 7.15 p.m. Minutes. The full minutes are available for viewing on the Beetley Parish website, beetleypc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk, or by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or bryan.leigh@btinternet.com.

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