Extract – 5th November

A meeting of Beetley Parish Council was held on Thursday 5 November 2015 at Beetley Village Hall. There were present six Parish Councillors one of whom, Councillor R Richmond, is also the District Councillor for Beetley Parish, County Councillor M Kiddle Morris and two parishioners.

Planning. Applications. The Parish Council raised no objection to the application for alterations and extension to Fleetwell School Road. The members decided to object again to the proposed residential development on land to the rear of 12 Beetley Grange. The reasons for the objection are the same as for the application just under a year ago which were that it is outside the settlement boundary would cause loss of amenity to the residents of Beetley grange and it is an intrusion into the rural settlement. This development if granted permission could lead to serious precedent for possible future applications to the rear of existing properties. The Parish Council has requested that this application be referred to the Planning Committee at Breckland Council if it is likely to be granted permission. Decisions. There were no decisions to report.

Beetley River Meadows. The Parish Council agreed to award the contract for the new fencing to the basket ball court to G G Fencing. This will be a much sturdier and higher fence which should eliminate the costly repairs that are being undertaken each year. Most of this fencing has been in situ since the erection of the play area and a lot of the posts and boards are now rotting which would need replacing soon. It was also agreed to replace the gates on the play area.

The Parish Council approved a request for a Duck Race in 2016 from Beetley Pre-School. This will be similar to that held this year but the organisers are planning to race more ducks. The parish Council has decided to have the footpath from Beech Road to Beetley River Meadows cleared of all grass, nettles and brambles. Whilst the path is still walkable it was felt that a clearance would improve this footpath. This is a Public Right of Way that is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council to maintain but the amount of maintenance that it undertakes has been severely reduced in the current economic climate and as the Parish Council maintains the footpath that runs along the river on Beetley River Meadows it agreed to add this small section to its cutting contract.

Highways. The request by the Parish Council for a bus service in East Bilney has led to a meeting to be held with Norfolk County Council and the bus operator prior to the next Parish Council meeting. The Highways Engineer has been on site at East Bilney to look at a possible trod and he is preparing costings for the Parish Council. Following several accidents at the junction of Elmham Road and Fakenham Road the Parish Council is to approach Norfolk County council to see if a 20m.p.h. limit at this point is possible or some additional signage to be erected to slow traffic at this point.

Norfolk County Council. A consultation is underway on the budget for the next 4 years. The County Council has to find £111 million savings over this period. All parishioners can respond to the consultation and all the details have been circulated in the County Council newsletter and are available on Norfolk County Council’s website. One of the options is for an increase in the Council Tax of 1.99%.

Meetings. The next meeting of Beetley Parish Council will be held on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall, Beetley. Planning applications are available for viewing from 7.15 p.m. Minutes. The full minutes are available for viewing on the Beetley Parish website, beetleypc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk, or by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or [email protected]

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