Extract 3rd December 2015

Prior to the Parish Council meeting there was an open meeting with Norfolk County Council and Konect Bus Company regarding an improved bus service for East Bilney. This meeting was attended by 11 parishioners. The problems of the current bus service were outlined to the representatives and they are to report back to the Parish Council in January and a further open meeting is planned to be held in March.

A meeting of Beetley Parish Council was held on Thursday 3 December 2015 at Beetley Village Hall. There were present seven Parish Councillors one of whom, Councillor R Richmond, is also the District Councillor for Beetley Parish, County Councillor M Kiddle Morris and District Councillor R Duffield.

Planning. Applications. The Parish Council raised no objection to the application for the conversion of outbuilding to form new kitchen and build connection to existing dwelling at Hall Farm Barn Fakenham Road East Bilney. The members again decided to object again to the erection of a dwelling on land adjacent to 65 Fakenham Road. The Parish Council had objected to previous applications and saw no reason to change its opinion that this is outside the settlement boundary and that the visibility at the access is limited and could lead to highway safety issues. A revised plan had been received for the erection of dwellings on land to the rear of The Paddocks Elmham Road and the Parish Council again ob- jected to this for the same reasons as had been previously stated. Decisions. Permission had been granted by Breckland Council for the application for alterations and extension to Fleetwell School Road.

Highways. The Highways Engineer had forwarded the costs for a trod on Fakenham Road East Bilney and the Parish Council decided to bid for this scheme as part of the Local Highway partnership Scheme when Norfolk County Council contribute half the cost. Norfolk County Council had re- sponded to the request for a 20m.p.h. limit at the junction of Elmham Road and Fakenham Road. The Highways Engineer will not recommend a change to the speed limit at this point but is willing to support a part funded bid for “wig-wag signs and an advisory 20 m.p.h. limit when the signs are flashing. As there are already flashing signs at this point the Parish Council is to request whether additional signage can be added to these lights. The cost of new lights and signage would be £5000 which the Parish Council would have to contribute 50%.

Norfolk County Council. The consultation on its budget has given an option to increase the Council Tax by2% to cover the increasing costs of Adult and Children’s’ Social Care. The Government has realised the additional cost of this and will allow Local Authorities to increase their Council tax to cover this without the need for a referendum provided the increase is purely to be spent on Social Care.

Breckland Council. Part of Breckland Council’s offices is to be let out to the Department of Work and Pensions who will be moving from the High Street. It is hoped that other organisations will also rent space there so that this will allow members of the public to call at only one site.

Precept. The precept, which is that part of the Council Tax that Breckland Council collects for the parish was set at £15500 which is the same as last year.

Meetings. The next meeting of Beetley Parish Council will be held on Thursday 4th February 2016 at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall, Beetley. Planning applications are available for viewing from 7.15 p.m. Minutes. The full minutes are available for viewing on the Beetley Parish website, beetleypc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk, or by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or [email protected]

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