Extract February 2016


A meeting of Beetley Parish Council was held on Thursday 4 February 2016 at Beetley Village Hall. There were present seven Parish Councillors one of whom, Councillor R Richmond, is also the District Councillor for Beetley Parish, District Councillor R Duffield and three parishioners.

Planning. Applications. The Parish Council raised no objection to the application for an extension to an existing house at 1 Beech Road although it comments that it felt that the white render was not in keeping with the surrounding properties. Decisions. Permission had been granted by Breckland Council for the application for the conversion of outbuilding to form new kitchen and build connection to existing dwelling at Hall Farm Barn Fakenham Road East Bilney. Breckland Council had refused permission for the residential development at 12 Beetley Grange which the Parish Council had objected to. Permission had also been refused for the erection of a dwelling on land adjacent to 65 Fakenham Road which the Parish Council had also objected to. Appeals. Councillor Richmond had attended the site visit of the Planning Inspector to the proposed developments on Bittering Street and Stoney lane and had been allowed to state the Parish Council’s comments. Local Plan Preferred Directions. The consultation was discussed at length including the sites submitted by landowners for possible development. The full responses to this consultation will be available to view on line at Breck- land Council’s website or in the full minutes of the Par- ish Council meeting.

Highways. The bid for a trod on Fakenham Road East Bilney as a Local Highway Improvement part funded by Norfolk County Council had been submitted. Nothing further had been received from Norfolk County Council regarding additional signage at the junction of Fakenham Road and Elmham Road. If this new signage is agreed Norfolk County Council is to be requested to confirm if this new speed limit is enforceable or just advisory. The state of Common Lane and Peacock Lane had been reported to the Clerk and a letter is to be sent to the landowners requesting that they repair the lane that they have damaged.

Footpaths. Several complaints had been received regarding the state of the footpath to the east of River Lane East Bilney. Norfolk County Council has been requested to inspect this and to enforce any reinstatement that is necessary.

Norfolk County Council. The consultation on its budget continues and it is likely that there will be an increase from Norfolk County Council this year of about 4% to cover the increased costs of Adult Social care and the shortfall in the funding from Central Government. This should allow many services that had been discussed for reduction to be maintained.

Beetley River Meadows. A complaint had been received from a parishioner that by cutting the paths along the river wider this has caused the snowdrops that are planted there to be exposed to continual cutting which may cause them to disappear. The parishioner who raised this matter had kindly offered to move the snowdrops back to the edge of the cut area. The Parish Council agreed to keep the width of the paths the same as last year and to take up the kind offer of moving the snowdrops. The Parish Council decided to take out a long term contract with Norse Eastern Ltd for the grass cutting of the area for next three years.

Anti Social Behaviour by 4×4 Drivers. There have been several instances recently of 4×4 vehicles being driven along country lanes and damaging them. If any parishioner sees or hears this occurring would they please report this to the police on the non-emergency number 101. The police have already been informed of instances of this occurring so any new information will assist the police in taking action.

Meetings. The next meeting of Beetley Parish Council will be held on Thursday 3rd March 2016 at 7.30 p.m. at the Village Hall, Beetley. Planning applications are available for viewing from 7.15 p.m. Minutes. The full minutes are available for viewing on the Beetley Parish website, beetleypc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk, or by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or [email protected]

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