Extract for July 2018

A meeting of Beetley Parish Council was held on Thursday 5 July at Beetley Village Hall. There were present seven Parish Councillors one of whom, Councillor R Richmond is also the District Councillor, County Councillor M Kiddle Morris and District Councillor R Duffield.

Planning. Applications. The Parish Council objected to the new dwelling at Hall Farm Barn Fakenham Road East Bilney as this is outside the settlement boundary, it is not infill, it is a greenfield site and is back garden development.
Decisions. Approval had been granted by Breckland Council for the replacement garage at 45 Beechcroft Elmham Road. Approval had also been granted by Breckland Council for the installaon of 15 holiday lodges, 1 lodge to form recepon, shop, toilet/changing facilies, children’s play area, wildflower meadow and associated landscaping at O,ers Mead Elmham Road.
Enforcement. The Parish Council is sll in contact with Breckland Council regarding the mobile homes at Shorthorn Nurseries and over the possible breach of building regulaons at the Paddocks School Road.
Minerals and Waste Consultaion.The members agreed with the inial assessment for an extension to the existing quarry, MIN12, which was assessed as being suitable. The extraction on would be transferred to the exisng processing plant by an extension to the conveyor belt. The members did not agree that two sites along Bilney Road were suitable although the third site on Bilney Road had not been assessed as suitable and the Parish Council agreed with this assessment. All three sites would have to have a processing plant or the gravel would have to be transported and the cumulave effect would not be acceptable. A further consultaon is due at the end of this year at the preferred sites stage of the consultaon.
County and District Council Reports. District Councillor Duffield stated that there is a problem with parking for the school along Gressenhall Road and the school will be contacted to stress that the parking is causing an obstrucon. There had also been complaints from residents along Elmham Road who had had their drives and access blocked.
Review of Bus Services. The Parish Council had received confirmation that the proposed new service will now go along High House Road. The service started on 23 July. Further clarificaon is being sought on mings.
Highways. Following the parishioner spoke at the meeting regarding the speeding along High House Road the Speedwatch team had done two sessions on High House Road. The Speedwatch team had also done two sessions on Fakenham Road with2 being caught the first time and 12 the second. Further sessions are planned for July. The Clerk is sll pursuing the repairs to the two trods and to have the red lining outside the school during holiday times.
Footpaths. The County Councillor agreed to take up the issues with the footpaths that have not been re-instated especially as there had been several complaints from parishioners.
Beetley River Meadows. The Parish Council had received consent to li/ the crown of one oak tree part of which is dead to allow cu?ng beneath. Ca,le had strayed onto the Meadows from the land adjacent. The Charity which owns the land had been wri,en to stressing that the Parish Council did not wish to have a repeat of this and trust that the fencing is now secure.

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