Bus to Tesco

For your information our bus service toDereham on a TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, operated by Sanders continues onto the Tesco Superstore, goes back to Dereham and then back out to the store before returning.

East Bilney, bus shelter             9:45
East Bilney opp garage              9:46
Old Beetley, School Rd              9:51
Beetley, High House Rd            9:52
Dereham Market Place             10:02
Tesco Dereham                          10:12
Tesco Dereham                          10:55
Dereham Market Place             11:05
Dereham Market Place             11:10
Tesco Dereham arrives             11:20
Tesco Dereham departs            12:10
Dereham Market Place             12:20 (departs)
Beetley, High House Rd           12:30
Old Beetley, School Rd.            12:32
East Bilney, opp garage             12:36
East Bilney, bus shelter             12.37

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