Dereham & Tesco Bus

On a TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS  a bus service operated by Sanders runs to Dereham Market Place and Tesco.
The bus stops in Dereham Markets Place then continues onto the Tesco Superstore, then returns the Market Place and then on to Tescos again returning.
Making it possible to have shop in both Dereham (for approximately and hour) and then Tescos (again for around 1 hour) or simple spend 2 hours in Tescos.

East Bilney, bus shelter 9.45
East Bilney opp garage 9.46
Old Beetley, School Rd 9.51
Beetley, High House Rd 9.52
Dereham Market Place 10.02
Tesco Dereham   (arrive) 10.12
Tesco Dereham   (depart) 10.55
Dereham Market Place (arrive) 11.05
Dereham Market Place (depart) 11.10
Tesco Dereham   (arrive) 11.20
Tesco Dereham   (depart) 12.10
Tesco Dereham   (depart) 12.21
Beetley, High House Rd 12.30
Old Beetley, School Rd. 12.32
East Bilney, opp garage 12.36
East Bilney, bus shelter 12.37


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