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As a Parish Council, we aim to:
Understand and assess the needs of the village and its residents.
Retain the rural character of the village.
Preserve the open spaces.
Be open and transparent in all that we do.

M  E   E  T  I  N  G  S

Beetley Parish Council meets on the first Thursday of each month, except in January and August in the village hall  (click here for map) . We welcome the public to our meetings, but the law does not allow members of the public to take part in debates. However the Council gives members of the public an opportunity to speak at some point during the meeting. The local County and District Councillor normally attend these meetings.
Members of the Council are always willing to discuss topics put forward by residents. However, as the agenda is prepared some time before the next meeting, you would need to inform the Parish Clerk at least ten days prior to the meeting if you wished for anything to be added to the agenda.
The AGENDA for the next meeting will be displayed on the notice boards the week before the meeting is held. If you attend and wish to raise a point which does not relate to an item on that evenings agenda, you are free to do so at the designated time. However, the Councils discussions of the point might have to be delayed until a subsequent meeting as the Council is unable to make a decision binding in law unless that specific item is included on the agenda.
We welcome the resident’s points of view and endeavour to implement the wishes of the majority of the village wherever possible.

The Agenda and other Parish Council notices are displayed  here on the website under Next Meeting.

We have a well established Village Hall, managed by a Management Committee, which holds a variety of functions and activities and is available for private bookings for functions and club activities.

“The Beetley Buzz”, is the monthly newsletter of the Parish Council and is delivered free to all households in the parish. It provides information about local events and matters of interest to the parish.


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