About East Bilney

East Bilney Village sign on
Fakenham Road East Bilney

The village gets its name from “bin” an abbreviation from the tribal name “Billinger” and “ey” meaning isle. The later refers to the fact that Bilney was once an island surounded by the river Nar.

The church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. During Kett’s Rebellion in 1594 the upper stage was ‘thrown down‘, it being finally repaired in 1906.

In 1838 an Almshouse for three aged couples from the Launditch Hundred was built by Rebecca Pearce.

A School Board was formed in 1874 for both Beetley and East Bilney erecting a school at Hungry Hill in 1875.

The villages of Beetley and East Bilney were amalgamated into a single parish in 1935.

Clerk to Beetley Parish Council
Dawn Meadow, Fakenham Road
East Bilney, NR20 4HT
Telephone:013628 61112 or e-mail: [email protected]

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